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Declaration of copyright

Unless otherwise noted on specific pages, all text and images on this website are copyright MINERVA under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 2.5 (by-nc-sa) License

Using our logo when linking to the MINERVA website

Copying our logo for use on another website is permitted without asking specific permission provided that you link to the home page of our website at

You must include an Alt Tag with the image which says "MINERVA Project".

Link from other Web sites is appreciated, we are grateful to all who will give communication of it to the MINERVA Editorial Board.
If appropriated, we advice as follows:
<a href=""> MINERVA Project</a>
It’s not allowed to "mirror" or include MINERVA’s contents on other Web sites, without our permission.

Using our logo in documents or publications

Copying our logo for purposes of appearing on a print publication is a separate matter and should be cleared with our Office. Please contact to arrange permission and to obtain the logo images for use in your document.





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