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Starting from October 2006 MINERVA Project is enlarged to MINERVA EC, MInisterial NEtwoRk for Valorising Activities in digitisation, eContentplus - Supporting the European Digital Library.

MinervaEC is a Thematic Network in the area of cultural, scientific information and scholarly content. The Consortium brings together stakeholders and experts from all over Europe, capitalising the results achieved by the previous Minerva project, and supporting the European Commission initiative “i2010 – A European Information Society for growth and employment” as well as the Dynamic Action Plan launched in Bristol in November 2005 by the European Union Member States.

MinervaEC will operate through the coordination of national policies, programmes and institutions of the cultural sector, and by supporting the National Representatives Group of the European Ministries of Culture. Its goal is to facilitate the creation of added value products and services at European level, to improve awareness of the state-of-the-art in the sector, to contribute to the overcome of fragmentation and duplication of digitisation activities of cultural and scientific content and to maximise cooperation among the Member States.

This following tasks will be implemented:
- Coordinating activities of Member States, by setting up a permanent infrastructure, able to monitor new developments and trends, facilitate the use of existing standards and promote the definition of best practices, identify solutions to legal issues, provide tutoring and expert support;
- Mobilising stakeholders, by capturing the attention and mobilising the different actors involved in the process of content enrichment;
- Stimulating the development of the European Cultural Information Space, by supporting the collection of data and the development of a strong set of indicators and a framework for analysis. An Annual Report will be published, built upon the collected figures, data and statistical analyses;
- Defining standard solutions for legal issues, to provide the stakeholders with standard solutions relating to legal issues and Digital Rights Management.

The general objectives of the network are:
- Improve accessibility to and visibility of European digital cultural resources;
- Support the development of the European Digital Library for accessing cultural resources;
- Contribute to increasing interoperability between existing networks;
- Promote the use of digital cultural resources by business and citizens;
- Reinforce the European position in the global market competition;
- Facilitate exploitation of cultural digital resources, providing clear rules for their use and re-use, respecting and protecting the creators’ rights.

Target users:
The beneficiaries of the actions of the project are:
- public and private organisations and institutions that create, collect or own digital content,;
- private citizens, interested in receiving quality contents, reliable and directly responding to their interests;
- universities and schools, which wants to use cultural contents for educational purposes in a legal and safe environment;
- small and large enterprises interested in re-use digital content for adding value in commercial activities and exploit digital content resources to create services.

MinervaEC is expected to contribute in stimulating decision makers and implementers in carrying out their initiatives of content enrichment, in creating the conditions to improve the quality of content and services as well as enhancing accessibility of digital content.





Quality, accessibility, usability

Best Practices