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24-25 October 2005. Berlin, Germany

Quality of Cultural Websites – Mueso & Web – Michael and MINERVA follow-up

MINERVA - MINERVA-Plus - Workshop

Draft Program
24 October, Monday
Time Name Institution TOP

  • 11,00
    Monika Hagedorn-Saupe, Institut für Museumskunde
    Welcome and opening
  • 11,30
    Maria Teresa Natale
    Development of "Museo & Web": realization of a CMS for museums and other cultural institutions
  • 13,OO
  • 14,30
    Rosella Caffo
    Italian activities about quality of cultural Web Sites. The MICHAEL Project
  • 15,15
    Kate Fernie
    The use of UNESCO Thesaurus and UKAT for information about collections in the Michael Project
  • 15,45
    Coffee Break
  • 16,15
    Axel Ermert
    The Revised and abridged Version of the Explanations and Comments of the 10 principles

25. October, Tuesday
Time Name Institution TOP

  • 10,00
    Antonella Fresa
    new MINERVA-eC proposal
  • 11,00
    Eelco Bruinsma
    Comments and reflections regarding the use of distributed ressources while maintaining quality
  • 12,00
  • 13,30
    Frank von Hagel
    Presentation of progress achieved with MINERVA principles implementation
  • 14,30
    Monika Hagedorn-Saupe
    WP 5 Final Report: structure and content
  • 15,30
    Summing up and conclusions

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