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Interoperability and service provision
European Working Group

Intellectual Property Right

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Workgroup on problems connected to data protection and intellectual property rights in relation to the accessibility of cultural heritage via web

The sum of the activities carried out in the ambit of the Minerva project has highlighted how strongly the problem of data protection and intellectual property rights in relation to accessibility of cultural web sites is felt in the countries of the European Union.


The workgroup´s activity has as its main objective the editing of a draft of recommendations on accessibility and the protection of data and rights, to be presented during the Italian presidency semester of the European Union Council. The recommendations will be align to a common European minimum, submitting the solutions and standards already elaborated by national institutes and through recently or nearly concluded European projects for validation. They will deal with problems concerning archives, libraries, and the arts, in an integrated manner, and will set as their main objective the interoperability of data banks.


In this first phase the group will limit itself to facing problems connected to databanks of cultural interest that have public entities as their promoter. The following points to be dealt with from a methodological, legal and technological viewpoint are explained below:

  1. Informative materials and contents. The approach will be for homogeneous typologies of materials, regardless of the place of conservation, to avoid the risk of diversity in treatment of analogous materials conserved on different sites.
  2. Owners/holders of intellectual property rights and copyright.
  3. Data to render more or less accessible with regard to protection of the object and protection of personal data. Individuation of differentiated access levels depending on the qualification of the user. Technical instruments for the control and protection of data.
  4. Services: exploitation at an applied level; hypotheses for a profit model (possible e-commerce uses).



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