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Directory of European and national rules on Web Applications (updated version, 21 May 2008)
edited by the Research Staff of the Italian Senate Library



Zákon 2004, komunikacích a o změně některých souvisejících zákonů (Zákon o elektronických komunikacích)
(Act 127/2005 on Electronic Communications and on Amendment to Certain Related Acts - Electronic Communications Act)
22.02.2005 [English version]

Related document:
Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic
Decree No. 162 of 19.04.2005
Determination of the quality parameters of universal service and the limit values thereof
[The Ministry of Informatics orders to execute Section 47 Subsection 5 of the Act No. 127/2005, on Electronic Communications and on Amendment to Certain Related, in accordance with Section 150 Subsection 2 of the Act] [English version]

Act 227/2000 Coll.
on Electronic Signature and change to some other laws (Electronic Signature Act)
Amendment: 226/2002 Coll.
Amendment: 517/2002 Coll.
Amendment :440/2004 Coll.
Amendment: 635/2004 Coll.
Amendment: 501/2004 Coll., 444/2005 Coll. [English version]

Act 106/1999 Coll.
on Free Access to Information
Amended: 101/2000 Coll.
Amended: 159/2000 Coll.
Amended: 39/2001 Coll.
Amended: 413/2005 Coll.
Amended: 61/2006 Coll. [English version]

Government Resolution No. 256 of 14.04.1998 concerning the adoption of the National Plan on Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities

Related documents:
Government Resolutions on the fulfilment of the National Plan on Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities:
No. 655 of 31.05.2006
No. 1019 of 17.08.2005 [for the year 2004]
No. 579 of 09.06.2004 [for the year 2003]
No. 596 of 18.06.2003 [for the year 2002]
No. 545 of 29.05.2002
No. 770 of 25.07.2001
No. 667 of 03.07.2000

[List of Government's resolutions concerning the Board for People with Disabilities:]

Guidelines, Projects and Strategies

OECD - Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic - Governance International
Improving customer orientation through service charters. A handbook for improving quality of public services
Authors: Elke Löffler, Salvador Parrado, Tomáš Zmeškal

Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic and the CZ.NIC Association
[on administration of the national CZ domain]

Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic
National Strategy for Information Security
Annex No. 1: Information Security for Public Administration Bodies

Digital broadcasting development policy

Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic
The national broadband access policy. Broadband strategy of the Czech Republic

Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic
The Ministry of Informatics and the development of the Information Society in the Czech Republic
3rd edition

Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic
State Information and Communications Policy - e-Czech 2006
[“Public administration services must be user-friendly and available to all, that is also to the handicapped or otherwise disadvantaged population groups”]

Government Board for People with Disabilities
National Plan for the Support and Integration of Persons with disabilities 2006 - 2009
Adopted by Government Resolution No. 1004 of 17.08.2005
ISBN 80-87041-06-2
[§ 6. Access to information and cultural heritage […] “The right of access to cultural heritage is guaranteed for all citizens without discrimination under the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. In order for people with disabilities to enjoy full exercise of this right, a number of measures need to be implemented”
Measure 6.16. “Based on authorization in Act No 365/2000 on public administration information systems, use an implementing regulation to lay down conditions for the publication of selected information about public administration in a manner permitting remote access in compliance with the rules of the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative)”
Measure 6.18. “Promote a significant expansion in the accessibility of the websites of public institutions for visually impaired citizens (i.e. blind friendly web)”]

The White Paper on electronic commerce
[“The Government must support accessibility of the Internet to handicapped citizens, availability of public Internet access and development of digital TV” (p. 26)]

Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic
National Programme for Computer Literacy (NPPG)
February 2003-
["Launched by the Ministry […] with a view to enabling the wider public to learn the basics of working with computers and the Internet and helping those who have so far not had the opportunity to work with a computer to overcome their fear of new technologies, facilitate orientation in society and improve their position on the labour market […]. In 2005 the National Programme for Computer Literacy was extended to include special courses for the handicapped and a specialised course named The Citizen, Official and Public Administration Portal"]

Modernizace veřejné správy / Modernizing public administration
[List of links – Bulgarian text]

Positions of the Supervision and Public Administration Monitoring Section


Ùredni list Republiky ceskoslovenské, 1945- .
Cekoslovenské zàkony, 1992- .

Web Sources

Czech Republic Portal

Parlament České Republiki – Poslaneckà Sněmovna (Chamber)

Senàt Parlamentu ČeskéRepubliki (Senate)

Úřad vlády České republiky (Office of Government of the Czech Republic)

Vládní výbor pro zdravotně postižené občany (Government Board for People with Disabilities) [English version]

Portal of the Public Administration [English version]

Ministerstvo vnitra (Ministry of Interior) [English version]

Department of Regulatory Reform and Public Administration Quality [English version]

e-Government portal [English version]

Ministerstvo zahraničnìch veci České republiky (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

In particular:
Stálá mise České republiky při OSN (Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic to the United Nations)

Informatiky - Portál veřejné správy (Ministry of Informatics)

In particular:

Sbìrka zàkonù (Collection of laws)
[Provides (on subscription) the full texts of all laws in force]

Český telekomunikační úřad (Czech Telecommunication Office) [English version]

Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů (Office for Personal Data Protection) = [English version]

Blind Friendly Web project






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