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Identification of user needs, content and quality framework for common access points Working group

Testing of the Handbook for quality in cultural Web sites

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The Handbook for quality in cultural Web sites: improving quality for
was successfully presented during the Parma European conference
on 21st November by the coordinator of the E uropean WP 5 and the
Italian WP coordinator. The Handbook should be considered as a working
document, in need of further development. It is not only a working document
but also a "work in progress" ; this work is carried out in the context of
all MINERVA Work Packages, of the documents that they produce, and of the
principles and guidelines they formulate. More than 30 experts from all
over Europe gave their contribution to the content of the publication,
supported by the suggestions of a wider network of specialists. The
handbook has been published on the occasion of the Parma conference and the
Italian edition has been printed in February 2004. During the NRG meeting
in Parma, Italy proposed to check the criteria hold into the handbook and,
as a consequence, set up an articulated training programme and selected a
series of case studies, in March 2004, to present and test the criteria
defined into the handbook.


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