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Awareness, dissemination, mobilising stakeholders



Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (MiBAC)


This work package has the objective to facilitate exchange of information and disseminate existing and new information, tools, services and products. In particular the WP will:

  • make visible, promote and exchange information about national policy profiles describing initiatives concerning content enrichment;
  • develop a web site and common tools, for sharing information across partners, setting up online forum and discussion groups for dialogue and exchange of experience between partner countries;
  • make available test-beds, defining mechanisms for evaluating models, methodologies, techniques and approaches;
  • promote concertation events open to both EU-funded projects (mainly within the eContentplus and IST Programmes) and other national projects, to create cooperation and clusters of projects;
  • organise at least 4 thematic workshops to present and discuss results achieved by the specific work groups and at least 1 dissemination seminar per partner country and other training activities at national level;
  • disseminate the outputs of the project, through information and training materials;
  • participate in other European, national and international conferences, workshops and events, organised
    by the project partners, other networks and cultural institutions, the European Commission (at least 5
    participations during the project).

Description of the work

Work package 3 intends to provide the higher visibility to the activities carried out by the project, by disseminating outputs, tools, services, recommendations, guidelines developed or proposed by the MinervaEC working groups, to facilitate their introduction in the current practices. The individual work items are:

  • organisational support to the meetings of the Steering Committee. This includes the preparation of position and background papers, translation of materials, interpretation during the conferences (to avoid the increase of the interpretation cost, only English and the national language of the organising country will be used);
  • development of an area of the web site for sharing information, results, and facilitate discussion and exchange of information;
  • producing and printing information materials;
  • development of information material, brochures, press releases, organisation of at least 4 conferences presenting the overall outputs achieved, 1 seminar per partner country to disseminate results at local level and 4 thematic workshops with the objective to discuss the results of the project with other scientific and user communities;
  • publication of an Annual Report on Digitisation Activities per year, summarising the main achievements and the impact of the project in the different partner countries.

Further to identifying and contacting all EU- and national-funded projects concerning digitisation isuues, a specific strategy will maximise the concertation activities with the other projects, especially with those run under the eContentplus programme. In particular the following terms of cooperation are envisaged:

  • validation and dissemination of the outputs developed by other projects within the MinervaEC network, and definition of common agenda for joint meetings;
  • exchange of contents developed, to be reused for developing training courses, on the topics already specified in section 6.3, and materials for MinervaEC and/or for other projects;
  • participation to the working groups of MinervaEC, also in the light of technological pilots, according to the guidelines and recommendations endorsed by the European Commission and the Member States;
  • invitation to the MinervaEC conferences, usually to be organised the day before or after the meetings of the MinervaEC Steering Committee (see WP1), presenting posters or speeches introducing the project and its interim results;
  • development of joint developments and publications.

Special importance is given to the development of an Annual Report on Digitisation Activities, which has the objective to describe the state of the art of content enrichment and other digitisation programmes in the different Member States. It will be a Strategic Decision Support Tool, rich of figures, data and statistics, in order to really provide all the information and tools to public decision makers involved in management of digital repositories with cultural, scientific and scholarly content. This is a strategic tool to support the DAP. It will be developed in co-operation with any other Community-funded activity in this field.
The dissemination activity will be also based on the participation of MinervaEC representatives to major international events (Conferences and Concertation events organised by the European Commission, Unesco and other International bodies, Networks of Cultural Institutions and Stakeholders in the digital content ector) and/or on the direct organization of MinervaEC workshops.
MinervaEC editorial products will be published in English. National language versions will be managed autonomously by each country, on the basis of their respective interests. The products published by MinervaEC will be distributed during the events where MinervaEC is represented, through the users group and the partners. The booklets will be generally published on paper and the contents made available on the web.
The editorial process of MinervaEC will play a major role in the awareness and dissemination strategy. In particular, a stimulus to translation into national languages and localisation to national case studies will be provided, to facilitate an effective dissemination at local level.

As a first action, a study aimed to depict an Organisation Chart of the Cultural Heritage in Europe will be conducted.





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