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Interoperability and service provision centres Working group

Technical Guidelines
for Digital Cultural Content Creation Programmes
Version 1.0: Revised 08 April 2004

This document has been developed on behalf of the Minerva Project by UKOLN, University of Bath, in association with MLA The Council for Museums, Libraries & Archives

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Tables of contents

Credits & Acknowledgements

1 Introduction

1.1   The purpose of this document  
1.2   The role of technical standards
1.3   The benefits of deploying standards  
1.4   The life cycle approach  
1.5   Requirement levels  

2 Preparation for digitisation

2.1   Hardware
2.2   Software
2.3   Environment  

3 Handling of originals

3.1   Appropriate movement and manipulation of original material
3.2   Staff training  

4 The digitisation process

5 Storage and management of the digital master material

5.1    File formats  
   Text capture and storage
   Character encoding
   Document formats
   Still image capture and storage
   Raster images
   Vector images
   Video capture and storage
   Audio capture and storage
5.2   Media choices  
5.3   Preservation strategies  

6 Metadata creation/capture

6.1   The scope of the metadata  
6.2   Appropriate standards  
   Descriptive metadata
   Administrative metadata
   Preservation metadata
   Structural metadata
   Collection-level description
   Terminology standards

7 Publication

7.1   Processing for delivery  
   Delivery of text
   Character encoding
   Document formats
   Delivery of still images
   Photographic images
   Graphic non-vector images
   Graphic vector images
   Delivery of video
   Delivery of audio
7.2   3D and virtual reality issues
7.3   Geographic information systems
7.4   Web sites  
   User authentication
   Performance indicators

8 Disclosure of resources

8.1  Metadata harvesting  
8.2  Distributed searching  
8.3  Alerting  
8.4  Web services  
8.5  RDF and Web ontologies  

9 Re-use and re-purposing

9.1   Learning resource creation

10 Intellectual property rights and copyright

10.1   Identifying, recording and managing intellectual property rights  
10.2   Safeguarding intellectual property rights
   Creative Commons
   Watermarking and fingerprinting

11 Summary

11.1   Maintenance



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