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Handbook on cultural web user interaction
First edition (September 2008)
edited by MINERVA EC Working Group “Quality, Accessibility and Usability”

4        The importance of using metadata

4.1 Why use metadata for describing websites?

4.2 Benefits of using metadata

4.3 The Dublin Core standard

4.4 Another way to expose resources: Syndication & RSS
4.4.1 Feed readers

4.5 Towards semantic integration
4.5.1 The semantic web
4.5.2 Resource Description Framework Data Model
4.5.3 RDF Vocabulary Description Language, or RDF Schema (RDFS)
4.5.4 Representing thesauri in RDF: SKOS
4.5.5 The Web Ontology Language (OWL)
4.5.6 Semantics for cultural heritage: CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model

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Quality, accessibility, usability

Best Practices