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The aim of Minerva is to create a network of Member States' Ministries to discuss, correlate and harmonise activities carried out in digitisation of cultural and scientific content, for creating an agreed European common platform, recommendations and guidelines about digitisation, metadata, long-term accessibility and preservation.

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International Conference (2006-10-10)
4-5 December 2006
Roma, Italy, Complesso del San Michele

Museums, libraries and archives online:
MICHAEL service and other international initiatives.

Organised by Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali - Dipartimento per la ricerca l'innovazione e l'organizzazione, in co-operation with the European Commission, Ministero per la funzione pubblica e l'innovazione, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.
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eLearning Awards 2006 (2006-10-02)
European Schoolnet, together with several partners such as Young Digital Planet, Intel, Michael and Oracle invites teachers and schools to submit their ICT projects to the eLearning Awards. The eLearning Awards is Europe's premier competition rewarding excellent use of new technologies by schools. Often the good work at schools is not further known than in the classrooms. The eLeaning Awards give the unique possibility to schools to highlight and share best examples with a wider audience, inspire others and encourage greater school collaboration between schools in Europe.
The awards include a number of special categories in which attractive prizes can be won. Over ˆ 200,000 have been awarded to schools since it was first organised in 2000. The winners will be invited to a prize-giving ceremony that will take place in Bruge, Belgium in early December 2006.
The awards are open to all schools in Europe and all entries are showcased in a project gallery.  Projects will be evaluated by educational experts from all over Europe. The deadline is 13 October 2006.

i2010 Digital Libraries Initiative (2006-09-08)
The European Commission adopted on 24 August 2006 a Recommendation on the digitisation and online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation (EN text; PDF file). The Recommendation aims at bringing out the full economic and cultural potential of Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage through the Internet. It is part of the Commission’s strategy for the digitisation, online accessibility and digital preservation of Europe's cultural and scientific heritage as set out in the Commission Communication ‘i2010: digital libraries’. In the Recommendation, the Commission calls on Member States to act in various areas, ranging from copyright issues to the systematic preservation of digital content in order to ensure long term access to the material.


Minerva activities

Museo & Web  (en) - (fr) - (it)  
Kit for planning a quality website for small museums, edited by WP5 Italy.

Campaign for the collection of good practices and competence centres
Minerva has started a new campaign for the collection of good practices in digitisation and information on competence centres. Do you think that your institution is a competence centre? That the project you are managing is a good practice? That you can share with the Minerva community your lessons learned? Send us the relevant forms.

Minerva events
  • 04-05 December 2006. Rome, Italy
    International Conference
    Museums, libraries and archives online:
    MICHAEL service and other international initiatives

  • 1 December 2006. Trieste, Italy
    VII Giornata di confronto AIB-ANAI, "I siti web negli archivi e nelle biblioteche"

Recent publications
National Representatives Group (NRG)

The National Representatives Group (NRG) is a group of experts nominated by each Member State to coordinate digitisation policies and programmes and to facilitate the adoption of the Lund Principles and the implementation of the Lund Action Plan.
A joint action under the Dutch, Luxembourgish and UK Presidencies led to the launch of the successor of the Lund Action Plan, the Dynamic Action Plan for the EU coordination of digitisation of cultural and scientific content on 15 November 2005.
The NRG meetings met in Salzburg, Austria, last 23 June 2006. You can read the conclusions [.pdf 60KB]. Next NRG Meeting will take place in Helsinki next 13 October 2006.

NRG meeting, Salzburg, 23 June 2006
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