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International Conference

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MICHAEL service and other international initiatives

4-5 December 2006
Roma, Complesso del San Michele - Sala dello Stenditoio
Via di San Michele, 22

Session 4: Digital Cultural Heritage in the world/Il patrimonio culturale digitale nel mondo

Pierre Sammut
Heritage Malta

MICHAEL and cultural tourism


When one looks at the EU Map, Malta is hardly visible. Just look and try to compare it with Sicily, which is our closest neighboring island. Yet, we are not culturally insignificant because of our size. To the contrary, at the very heart of the Mediterranean, the Maltese islands boast 7000 years of history in which cultures and languages blended to create a unique tourist attraction. One of the most arduous tasks of Heritage Malta is to bring to light a number of Collections which are currently being documented and grouped in a way as to be presented to the public. This is being done thanks to the work which is being carried out for MichaelPlus project. This is unique opportunity for a small nation like Malta to be in the caring company of other nations and organizations which have had a much better experience and exposure so far. The Michael Plus platform will help us to make visible to the entire world what Malta possesses. Our reserve collection is much bigger that what is being displayed in our museums. Michael Plus Project can help us enrich the visitors’ experience by adding information on Malta’s collection of archaeological artifacts, religious artifacts, works of arts and archaeological remains. We strongly believe that a Platform such as MichaelPlus together with other EU projects such as MEDINA Project could prove a source of major information to all interested stakeholders in the field of cultural tourism.

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