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4-5 December 2006
Roma, Complesso del San Michele - Sala dello Stenditoio
Via di San Michele, 22

Session 4: Digital Cultural Heritage in the world/Il patrimonio culturale digitale nel mondo

Jing Luo
Division of Conservation Science & Information
China State Administration of Cultural Heritage

Informatization Status & Development Plan of China Cultural Heritage


As the nation of ancient civilization with a long history, China holds a large number and rich cultural heritage. At present, the number of heritage site known near 400,000, cultural relics of various state about 20 million pieces. This has been included in UNESCO’s “World Heritage List” 23 the cultural heritages, 4 Cultural and natural heritages. Since 1980s of the 20th century, The China has started to informatization construction in cultural heritage fields. After many years hard works, China has gradually obtained achievements in construction of digital information recourse, infrastructure and application. These laid the foundation for the China cultural heritage informatization further development. In order to guide work of China cultural heritage informatization in next five years, Chinese government worked out the "Chinese Cultural Heritage Informatization Development Eleventh Five-year plan". Explicit purposes, work principle and main tasks of the plan have been decided.

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