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International Conference

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4-5 December 2006
Roma, Complesso del San Michele - Sala dello Stenditoio
Via di San Michele, 22

Session 2: Users, content and services/Utenti, contenuti e servizi

Pirjo Hamari
(National Board of Antiquities, Finland)

Dynamic Action plan: co-ordinating digitisation, assessing impact. Finnish Presidency overview


Since the launch of “The Dynamic Action Plan for the EU co-ordination of digitisation of cultural and scientific content” (DAP) in 2005, the work of the National Representatives Group (NRG) has focused on implementing the objectives encapsulated in the DAP. The DAP recognises five action areas for the promotion of digital access to Europe’s cultural and scientific knowledge resources.
Under the Finnish Presidency, special attention was given to the Action Areas A (Users and content) and E (Monitoring Progress). A conference “Why digitise? Who benefits? Impact assessment of digital cultural heritage content and services” was held in Helsinki on 12 October 2006. The main approach of the conference was to bring into focus the benefits that the digital heritage resources provide for users and other stakeholders.
During the year 2006, work of the five Action Groups implementing the DAP has started, co-ordinated by the Presidency and mapped out by the chairs and co-chairs of the groups.

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