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International Conference

Museums, libraries and archives online:
MICHAEL service and other international initiatives

4-5 December 2006
Roma, Complesso del San Michele - Sala dello Stenditoio
Via di San Michele, 22

Roundtable – Museums, libraries and archives online: which future for the European Cultural Information Space

Jill Cousins (Director of The European Library Office)
Britta Woldering (Secretary of the Conference of European National Librarians - CENL)

TEL and the EDL acitivities


The European Library (, a webservice owned by the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL,, offers integrated access to the digital material of currently 21 European national libraries.  This number will increase to 31 by the end of 2007 via  the EU-funded project European Digital Library project (EDL, The European Library Office works not only on integrating more catalogues and digital collections of the European national libraries but also to improve the usability and multilingualism of CENL welcomes the i2010 Digital Libraries  initiative of the European Commission and fully supports the aim of creating a European Digital Library comprising the whole European cultural heritage sector namely archives, museums as well as other libraries than national libraries. Two project proposals have been submitted in the last call of the eContent Plus programme, one dedicated to create an! intersectoral network working towards a European Digital Library: EDLnet

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