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This guide is conceived for the use of cultural heritage institutions which are digitising cultural material and publishing it online, or are considering doing so.
The objective of the document is to provide pragmatic, concise advice to cultural heritage institutions on the topic of intellectual property rights, as it impacts on digitisation projects.

Please, contribute to make this guide more effective by sending remarks, comments and web references! You can submit any contribution to Giuliana De Francesco, coordinator of the editorial committee.

This guide is currently under drafting.

  • 2008-09-09 Draft Version 1.0, edited by MINERVA [.pdf 660 KB ]
  • 2008-06-03 Draft Version 0.8, edited by Ciaran Clissman [.pdf 620 KB ]


MINERVA Guide to Intellectual Property Rights and Other Legal Issues

Rights issues are prevalent within pretty much anything to do with digital content, from its formation, reproduction, adaptation, negotiation, dissemination and repackaging. In order to limit risks of infringement and take advantage of the benefits that the digital environment presents, it is essential that museums, libraries and archives familiarize themselves with copyright and other issues, as well as train staff in good practice procedures. Minerva publishes the draft of the Guide to Intellectual Property Rights and Other Legal Issues, Version 1.0, edited by Naomi Korn.

  • 2005-11-07 Draft Version 1, edited by Naomi Korn [.pdf 241 KB]





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