Planning Kit for a Quality Site for Small and Medium Sized Museums

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Principles check

This test is based on the following publication: Quality Principles for cultural Web sites: a handbook, edited by a European editorial committee within the Minerva WP5 Working Group “Identification of user needs, contents and quality criteria for cultural Web applications”.

  • For each of the ten principles, this document provides
  • a commentary, providing interpretation, background information and motivation for the principle
  • a set of criteria which can be used to assess whether or not a Website is compliant with the principle
  • a checklist, based on the criteria, which can be used in assessing the Website
  • a set of practical and pragmatic tests and questions which a Website owner can use to gain further insight into the compliance of his site.

For each principle:

  • Read the commentary and note how the principle applies to your Website
  • Review the set of criteria, adjusting them to fit your own particular circumstances, if necessary
  • Complete the checklist
  • Carry out the tests and answer the questions
  • Review your site again and identify steps which need to be carried out to improve the quality of your Website
  • Prioritise these steps, plan and implement them



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