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<!-- Beginning of the page structure: it consists of one table divided into five lines -->
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<!-- First line divìded into three columns: site header -->
<!-- First column -->
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<p><span class="header">HEADER SUBTITLE</span></p>
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<!-- Second line divided into two columns: multilingualism and metanavigation -->
<!-- First column -->
<td id="tdmulti">
<div id="dvmulti">
<p><a href="../progproto/interoperabilita/multilinguismo.html" title="">LANGUAGE (i.e.:italiano) </a></p>
<!-- Second column -->
<td id="tdmetanavsup" colspan="2">
<div id="dvmetanav">
<a href="../protomuseo/metanav.html" title="">FIRST ITEM METANAVIGATION</a> </p>
<!-- End second lines -->
<!-- Third line divided into three columns: main navigation, content and secondary navigation -->
<td valign="top" id="tdnavigazioneprimaria">
<span class="invisibile"><a href="#contenuto">skip navigation and go to content</a></span>
<a id="navigazione" name="navigazione"></a>
<ul class="listmenunav">
<!-- Second column -->
<td valign="top" id="tdcontenuto">
<div id="dvstampa">
<a href="directory/stampa.html" title="">PRINT THIS PAGE</a>

<!-- Breadcrumbs -->
<div id="briciole">You are in:... </div>
<a name="contenuto" id="contenuto"></a>
<div id="dvcontenuto">
<h2>PAGE TITLE</h2>
<p>text </p>
<div id="tornasu"><a href="#" title="torna su">UP</a></div>
<!-- Third column -->
<td valign="top" id="tdnavigasecondaria">
<p class="piccolo">SECONDARY NAVIGATION </p>
<ul class="listmenunav">
<li>FIRST ITEM </li>
<li>SECOND ITEM </li>
<li>ETC </li>
<!-- End third line -->
<!-- Fourth line: one column - lower metanavigation -->
<td colspan="3" id="tdmetanavinf">
<div id="dvmetanavinf">
<p><a href="directory/nomefile.html" title="">METANAVIGATION</a></p>
<span class="invisibile"><a href="#navigazione">back to navigation</a> </span>
<!-- End fourth line -->
<!-- Fifth line: one column - footer -->
<td id="tdaddress" colspan="3" >
<p> <em>
<a href="notalegale.html" title="">&copy; XYZ YYYY-MM</a>, last revision YYYY-MM-DD, edited by
<a href="redazione.html" title="">XYZ</a><br />

<!-- End fifth line -->
<!-- End site structure -->

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