Planning Kit for a Quality Site for Small and Medium Sized Museums

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This section offers educational routes to help understanding the heritage conserved in the museum. Routes can be organised thematically, in chronological order and/or by level of scholastic depth.

The aim of this section is to manage the important function of museum as permanent educational centre. Interactive potential and the possibility of construction and adaptation to different learning styles make the digital tool ever more suited to new museological fields. Digitalisation makes for a privileged cognitive tool which, while maintaining close ties with the identity of the institution, is more and more integrated into the extended community of the Internet.

Quality Requirements:

  • The site should be available to a wide range of users, including the “disadvantaged” or “disabled”, in an attempt to fully exploit the potential of the medium.
  • Educational routes should be interactive, that is to say, users should be able to personalise the tour using and/or following the itineraries and existing resources.


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