Planning Kit for a Quality Site for Small and Medium Sized Museums

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This section should present all the elements of the identity of the institution, i.e. its mission, foundation, history, activity, the seat or location, its organisation, structure and opening times, which will appear in secondary navigation, situated here to the right.

The aim is to represent the particular nature of each individual museum; the history of its formation, a description of the contents and the container, of the changes it has undergone (e.g. acquisitions, exhibitions etc.) and the relationship between the museum and the territory.

Updated information of the activities of the museum should be indicated. This should include all activities aimed at the outside (exhibitions, guided tours, educational programmes, publications, conferences etc.), those aimed at the care of the collections (restoration, cataloguing, programmed events) and also those of research (studies of collections and materials, participation in scientific congresses, etc.)

How to access the museum and opening times, the name of the administrator and also the Web editors, should all be clearly shown and if possible there should be on-line channels for communication with the site-users.

Online examples

  • Nationalgalerie, Berlin
    Presentation of the heritage conserved in the museum [ultima consultazione 06-03-27]
  • Musée national Picasso, Paris
    Section dedicated to the museum with index for access to subsections. Contains a history of the building and of the institute [last visit 05-20-07]
  • Louvre, Paris [last visit 05-20-07]


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