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This section should describe the history of the institution of the museum, the building in which it is housed, the formation of the collections that are conserved within it and changes it has undergone (acquisitions and events).

It should also include biographical information on important people connected with the museum, chronology, elements that describe the relationship between the museum and its location and the way it has been perceived and received by the public over time. This could include, for example, a collection of “historical” images or, in the case of “local” museums rooted in the territory, information relative to its specific nature in history, archaeology, arts, science, natural history, anthropology, and industrial archaeology of the territory. All of these elements form the concept of Museum as a place for conservation of memory and for education.

Suggestions for further pages:

  • The founding of the museum
  • Contents
  • Events and exhibitions
  • The directors
  • Research
  • Archives

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