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Some functions on the site are destined for a community of users. These include the newsletter, participation in discussion lists, access to reserved sections where users are asked for an identity. Login may require a lot of information, some of which is data such as name, age and e-mail address.

Users should be requested to fill in this information once only and must be able to update and change information freely.

Login should simple and based on identification of few and easily memorable elements.

The parameters for identification should be reduced to two: user name and password. The complete data should be requested once only on enrolment. Here are some important characteristics of login:

  • delay login and thus activate identification procedure only when required and not before;
  • Allow use of e-mail address as user name. This makes it easier to safely retrieve the password should the user forget it.
  • Allow storage of login parameters on the user’s computer, for example through “cookies”. This means that on later visits to the site, the fields will be automatically filled in with the correct information.

Security: For certain functions – such as on-line sales – users must be aware that the connection is “safe”, i.e. that appropriate safety protocol is in use.

Privacy laws must be respected.

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