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The footer should present the following elements, some of which are optional

  1. Copyright of the site, or the brand mark ©, together with information on the copyright holder and the date of validity. Disclaimer or clause of exclusion/acceptance of responsibility. All visitors to the site accept the rules, legal terms and conditions described (these should be clearly indicated on the relevant page) and those indicated on the other pages of the site. Users not accepting these conditions are kindly requested to leave the site. Access to further pages of the site is to be taken as acceptance of the rules and regulations described herein.
  2. The rules and regulations of the site may be modified at any date. They concern use of content (authorship rights), use of the site (authorship rights, protection of privacy, release of personal data) and the clause of exclusion and of waiver of responsibility with reference to the current laws and the appropriate legal bodies.
  3. Date of creation of the page .
  4. Date of last update of the page. This information is vital to enable users to evaluate reliability of the information.
  5. URL of the page.
  6. Link to the editors’ page.

Online exmples



  • Assisi on line [ultima consultazione 04-10-26]


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