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Associations and other institutions

This section can contain a selection of links to sites with information such as projects run by other entities, museums, associations in the field, research centres, schools and other institutions pertinent to the activities and heritage conserved in the museum. In this way the Web promotes participation in thematic networks on various levels. It can create connections between museums present in the same geographical region or between museums with similar contents but geographically distant. This adds an important element of quality to the site. A museum Web site can play an important role in different networks. Take, for example, the areas of support for cultural tourism, schools, research, and universities. In all these areas, the museum can bring its particular characteristics (experience, contents, laboratories) to add a contribution of quality while playing not just a cultural role, but also a social one.

On presenting the events and projects, it is advisable to create a union of forces, with the museum participating fully in the projects and initiatives of private, public and economic entities on the territory.

Online examples


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