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Filing Web Pages

Both long-term and short-term filing of a site are very important. Many public and private bodies do not have a filing system for old Web pages that allows them to reconstruct the history of the site and its evolution over the years.

You should:

  • do regular back-up copies of the site on CD-ROM or DVD. These copies should be numbered and dated (for example: version 1, 04-02-01). In the long run, this means the history and evolution of the site can be traced,
  • use the “file re-naming” technique. Every time a page is modified and put back on-line, the old page will be renamed. To the old name will be added the date of the change. The page will then be saved in a special directory. This allows all versions of the page to be saved. For example: filename.html is the on-line version. Filename04-02-05 is the renamed version, saved in a special archive.

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