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Benchmarking framework
European Working Group

Benchmarking in Europe: phase II
Launch of the questionnaire
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Visibility for digitisation activities

All the Member States have the possibility to give visibility to their projects and programmes. The NRG representatives in these countries have an active role in deciding which institutions will answer the questionnaires. The collection of data is based on population: 1 online response is required / 1 million inhabitants. The maximum number of online responses is limited to 50 in original Minerva partners. Others (newer partners of Minerva) can have less. The respondents include national institutions, universities as well as other important institutions.

The aim of data collection

  • to give guidance of good practices
  • to collect information about the digitisation initiatives in Europe and for benchmarking purposes in Europe.

Some examples of best practices collected by Sweden (responsible for good practices within Minerva) and the UK are linked to online web application so that you can check out the good practices while answering the form. Notice that the website doesn't always reveal the good practice so in the future a personal contact (=benchmarking) will be made possible.

Timetable and results

Responding on the online Minerva web application for benchmarking will happen within a fairly short time frame. The deadline for the responses is 15th May. The summaries will begin immediately after that. Your results will be very important for the report which will be presented at the NRG meeting in Greece on 26th June together with the draft database model for benchmarking. There is a possibility that your initiative will be chosen as a good practice example for the next global benchmarking report! The results will also be presented on the Internet.

The questionnaire

The questionnaire is available at http://www.vilmamedia.fi/minervaeurope
user- and passwords mindemo, mv1731

The online forms can be filled in from the 14th April onwards. The responses received by 15th May will be included in the report to be presented at the NRG meeting in Corfu.

If you use another format for data collection (online, paper, excel etc.) the data exchange format (eg. ASCII) will be published soon.

Don't hesitate to contact Minna Valtonen (minna.kaukonen@helsinki.fi) if you have any questions. Thank you for your co-operation.



Minerva WP 2, Benchmarking framework

Ms Majken Bremer-Laamanen
Head of Preservation, leader of WP 2
Helsinki University Library

Ms Minna Valtonen
Project Coordinator
Helsinki University Library




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