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Coordination of National Digitisation Policies
Status report for Spain

  1. Actions undertaken to support diffusion and visibility of the NRG In October 17, 2001 José Luis Esteban´s designation is notified, as Spanish representative in the group of representatives (NRG). Mr. Esteban is the Coordinator of Information Technology of the National Library of Spain. In adoption of the document ToR, the Secretariat of State of Culture shares the principles expressed in it and will lead to end the necessary performances to obtain the fixed aims. In this context, with date November 30 the Ministerial Commission of Digitalización is constituted and communicates its creation to the Department of Science and Technology. In the bosom of the Ministerial Commission they have led to themselves to end the following performances:
    • Summary of institutions with possible projects of digitalización
    • Policy Web review
    • Experts' designation for the groups of Lund´s work
    Spain takes part in the project included like jointly responsible Minerva of WP5 (identification of users needs, content and quality framework for common access points), that leads Belgium.
  2. Institutions and people involved The Commission is formed for:
    • Representative of the Sub-direction of Librarian Coordination.
    • Representative of the General Sub-direction of State Archives.
    • Representative of the General Sub-direction of State Museums.
    • Representative of the General Sub-direction of Protection of Patrimony.
    • Representative of the General Sub-direction of the Institute of Historical Spanish Patrimony.
    • Representative of the Spanish Film library.
    • Representative of the National Library.
    • Representative of the Prado Museum.
    • Representative of the National Museum Center of Art Reina Sofia.
    • Representative of the National Institute of the Scenic Arts and of the Music.
    • Representative of the Secretariat of State of Education and Universities.
    • Representative of the National Center of Information and Educational Communication.
    • Representative of the Headquarter of Economic Programming, Personnel and Services (General Sub-direction of Data processing).
    • Representative of the General Sub-direction of Cultural International Cooperation.
    • Representative of the Office(cabinet) of the Secretary of State of Culture.
    • The Spanish representative in the Digitisation European Program.
    They will be able to join to the meetings of the Commission, when this way it is considered opportune, representatives of cultural, public and private institutions, with projects of digitisation, as the Royal Academy of the Language, Cervantes Institute , Residencia de Estudiantes, Patrimonio Nacional, etc. Likewise for technical topics it will be necessary the presence of companies specialized in digitisation.
  3. National network development All the information is distributed across the Commission of Digitisation, which representatives have contacts with their areas of performance (Archives, libraries, museums). We are working in the diffusion among another administrations and institutions.
  4. Problems and suggestions All the representatives of the Commission belong to the Central Administration. In Spain the competences for Culture are, mostly, transferred to the Autonomous Communities. Establishing contacts with them is a very arduous work. It´s difficult to know about experiences in digitisation carried out by other institutions , universities, foundations, etc.
  5. Priorities for future strategy for the NRG
    • Project collection on digitisation taken to end in every country.
    • Sustainability of the systems: funding (economic models to continuing)
  6. Activities related to the Presidency period.
    • On December 11, 2001, on the occasion of the meeting of constitution of the group of representatives (NRG), there appears the plan of cultural action of the semester of Spanish presidency of the European Union where it was announced:
      • The meetings that would take place during the semester and that were not related to Lund's plan.
      • The second meeting of the group of representatives (NRG) to be held in Alicante.
      • The intention of preparing a possible Resolution for preservation of digital contents.
    • For the preparation of the resolution on digital preservation three experts' meetings were carried out: on December 17, 2001, in the National Library, Madrid, Spain; on February 6, 2002, in the headquarters of the Secretariat of State of Culture, Madrid, Spain and on March 1, 2002 in the headquarters of the Commission, Brussels, Belgium.
    • The resolution has been discussed in the following meetings of the committee of Cultural Affaires (C.A.C.):
      • On January 18, 2002 (oral information)
      • February 26, 2002 (presentation of the draft)
      • March 26 (debate)
      • on April 9 (debate)
      • April 19, 2002 closing the draft for the COREPER
    • The intention of the presidency is to include in Ministers' Council of Culture, of May 23, 2002, a point in the agenda for its approval. This process has been in tight collaboration with the General Sub-direction of Cultural International Cooperation, the Permanent Representation, the European Commission and the Secretary of the Council.
    • For the organization of the days of Alicante the project was identified "Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra" (Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes) as model of good practices and proposed, with the agreement of the European Commission, to the University of Alicante, as promoter of the project, the possibility of organizing the event in its headquarters. The response was positive and immediate, and thanks to its collaboration and economic contribution the above mentioned days can be celebrated in Alicante

Contact: jose.esteban@bne.es



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