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Coordination of National Digitisation Policies
Status report for Netherlands

  1. Actions undertaken
    • Since December 2001, the Dutch Ministry of Culture evolved a policy framework and agenda for the digitisation of cultural heritage, the coordination and financing. This will be sent by the Minister to the Dutch parliament (Lower House) to be drawn up by the end of May. The framework and agenda are largely based on the Lund principles. The framework and agenda will be published in English - making them the Dutch policy profile - as soon as they are drawn up.
    • A steering-group for the Lund Action programme was established.
    • A website is being created, containing all Minerva elements among which good practice, info on standards, policy overview, funding opportunities etc.
    • For the benchmark exercise, an Internet tool is being produced, making it extraordinarily easy for ALMs a.o. to continuously deliver information on progress in projects, programmes etc.
    • A coordinator is appointed to interpret all benchmark outcomes and to further implement the model.
    • In Jul - Sep 2002 the Dutch Ministries for Economic Affairs and Culture will jointly start an international benchmark study on ICT in museums. Results will also be made available for the NRG-members.
  2. Institutions involved
    • A steering group was established by the Dutch Ministry of Culture, the Royal Library, the State Archives and the Dutch Association for Digital Heritage.
    • Benchmarking includes several projects, programmes and funds.
  3. National Network development
    • Contact has been made with the HEREIN initiative, as well as the Permanent Representative for the CAC for The Netherlands in the preparation of briefings on different resolutions.
    • The Lund principles have been discussed in detail within the Culture Department and steering-group.
    • Information on both the Minerva project and NRG-involvement has not yet been widely spread.
  4. Suggestions
    • One of the main Dutch funds for digitisation of cultural heritage will implement the benchmark model in its evaluation criteria. In the near future, funded projects will be obliged to use the online benchmark tool mentioned in 1.
  5. Priorities for future strategy for the NRG
    • The next 6 months, benchmarking will have the highest priority in the Netherlands, linking all other Minerva elements.


Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Cultural Heritage Directorate
Mr. Marius Snyders
Tel. + 79 323 4068



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