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Coordination of National Digitisation Policies
Status report for Ireland

The NRG Permanent Representative for Ireland is Anne Grady, Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands. The nominated expert is Annette Kelly, The Library Council.

  1. Actions undertaken
    1. NRG Terms of Reference
      • The adoption of NRG Terms of Reference by the Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands is under consideration by the Minister.
    2. National Dissemination and Co-ordination Project
      • A national dissemination and co-ordination project is being finalised by an inter-departmental committee the Branching Out Steering Committee Cultural Heritage Panel.
      • The Panel is representative of all Ministries involved in content digitisation:
        • the Department of Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands;
        • the Department of Education and Science;
        • the Department of the Environment and Local Government;
        • the Library Association of Ireland;
        • the Library Council.
      • The plan will publish and update the national policy profile as part of a portal site which will provide access to:
        • an index of key cultural content holdings in publicly funded repositories in Ireland;
        • an index and links to digitisation policies, programmes and projects;
        • an electronic gazetteer of existing digital cultural content holdings, with links to such holdings.
      • The project team will consult with national and local cultural institutions in relation to their digitization programmes and will investigate opportunities for cooperation including shared access to digitized collections. The project team will also consult with similar initiatives across Europe through the EU National Representatives Group (NRG) for the coordination of digitisation policies and programmes.
      • The portal site will be available in September 2002.
    3. Euro-Focus on "The Cultural Heritage"
      • Dissemination and coordination is currently undertaken through the Euro-Focus on "The Cultural Heritage".
      • An initial draft of the national policy profile is being compiled and will be available shortly on this web site at http://www.ie.cultivate-europe.org
      • The Euro-Focus on "The Cultural Heritage" is the Irish national node with responsibility for dissemination on information on the European Digital Heritage and Cultural Content of the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme. The Committee is chaired by the Librarian of the National University of Ireland, Dublin and the secretariat is provided by The Library Council. The national node is representative of government departments and of the National Gallery of Ireland, National Museum of Ireland and national archives and libraries in Ireland.
      • The Irish national node is the basic unit of CULTIVATE, an EU-funded Cultural Heritage Applications Network linking national information nodes across Europe and Israel (http://www.cultivate-europe.org).
      • The Euro-Focus on "The Cultural Heritage" is disseminating the results of the Lund principles initiative. The e-list (cultivate-list@ukoln.ac.uk) is available for discussion.
      • Detailed information on the Euro-Focus on "The Cultural Heritage" is available at http://www.ie.cultivate-europe.org
    4. Information on EU Digitisation initiatives MINERVA and the Lund principles initiatives are also highlighted on the Cultivate web site (http://www.cultivate-europe.org). This site is edited in Ireland by the Library Council. News and events can be updated by users directly on the web site.
    5. EU benchmarking questionnaires Five benchmarking questionnaires were completed. A number of projects have also agreed to complete the questionnaire and these will be returned shortly.
  • Minerva Ireland is examining the mechanism for participating fully in Minerva.
  • Draft Council Resolution on "Preserving tomorrow´s memory" The NRG Representative has worked with Ireland´s CAC member with regard to the Draft Council Resolution on "Preserving tomorrow´s memory - preserving digital content for future generations".
  • Priorities for future strategy
    • Establishing standards workshops at European level;
    • Establishing list of contacts with specific expertise on digitisation at European level.


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