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Coordination of National Digitisation Policies
Status report for Denmark

  1. Actions undertaken
    • The national policy profile has been put on the web to promote visibility. A substantial revision - both technical and with regard to content - is under way.
    • The Danish Culture Net is providing descriptions of and access to some 50 of the most important digitisation initiatives and projects in Denmark - also in English (http://www.kulturnet.dk/en/omknet8.html).
    • A national coordination group with 20 representatives from all the major institutions involved in digitisation projects and programmes has been set up. The group e.g. receives and exchanges information on national and international initiatives in the field of digitisation, and gives input to the national policy profile and the development of the upcoming policy for digital preservation (see below).
    • Two major working groups are in the process of making a detailed description of the present state of preservation of the physical cultural heritage (i.e. through digitisation) and the preservation of the digital cultural heritage, respectively. The working groups are expected to fin-ish their work in the end of 2002, and will give recommendations on future initiatives in their fields.
  2. Institutions involved
    • The Danish NRG member is working in the Danish Ministry of Culture, and is coordinating the effort with the Danish CAC member and others working with digitisation policy etc. in the ministry.
    • All the major libraries, archives and museums are represented in the na-tional coordination group mentioned above. So are the national tv station, the agencies for museums and libraries, Culturenet Denmark and the Danish Film Institutute.
  3. National network development
    • The national coordination group is disseminating the results of the work being done following the Lund principles. A web forum for exchange of information inside and outside the group is being set up.
    • High-level acceptance of membership in Minerva has been recommended and is expected to be under way.
  4. Problems and suggestions
    • The national policy profiles: They need to be updated continuously (especially with new projects). At least in the Danish case, it seems to be double work to put this information in the common format, when the information itself is already available in other web pages.
    • Acquiring information on projects etc. from institutions is a time-consuming effort.
  5. Priorities for the future strategy for NRG
    • Development of a "division of labour" between NRG and Minerva.
    • Developing a prioritised work plan in the short and long term
    • Following up on related initiatives, e.g. the expected Spanish resolu-tion on digital preservation.
    • Coordination with related programmes.


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