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Coordination of National Digitisation Policies
Status report for Austria

  1. Actions undertaken - dissemination
    • The EU's Action Plan "eEurope 2002" aims to teach all EU citizens the skills for living and working in the information society. Austria implements the educational objectives of the EU Action Plan under the eFit Austria programme, targeted at supporting and promoting the optimum use of modern information and communication technologies in education, science and culture. eFit Austria sees itself as a platform in progress for the numerous initiatives and projects concerning themselves with these issues of the future. The eFit platform is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.
    • After several coordination conferences it has been decided to include the Austrian National Policy within the eFit initiative. A cultural portal will be built up in 2002 to provide services and direct access to cultural heritage institutions. For further information see http://www.eFit.at
  2. Institutions involved
    • Close contact has been maintained with the Federal Ministry for Culture, Science and Education to identify good practise projects to be benchmarked in the pilot Benchmarking initiative Major institutions like the Austrian National Library, the Technical Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Albertina have been informed and will be integrated with their digitization projects in the eCulture portal in 2003.
    • the benchmarkin model and the good practise formular has been distributed to institutions with national and regional funded digitization projects
    • On a regional level the benchmarking initiative has been presented to the responsible delegates of the federal states and to the federal governments
  3. National Network development
    • An informal Forum for Network Co-ordination of the Federal Ministry of Culture and the Secretary of State has been built up.
    • The NRG and the Minerva project will be officially announced at the Annual Conference of the Austrian Association of Librariens in September 2002.
  4. Problems and suggestions
    • Still no official coordination mechanism defined by the Austrian government.
    • Great problems in getting statistic informations for benchmarking
    • Need for administrative infrastructure on a national level to provide continuous participation in EU-Initiative for coordination of national digitization programmes
  5. Priorities for future strategy for the NRG
    • Drafting an Expression of Interest for FP6

Contact: hans.petschar@onb.ac.at



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