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Coordination of National Digitisation Policies
Status report for Belgium - French Community

  1. Actions undertaken to support diffusion and visibility of NRG and «Terms of Reference».
    1. Information through Henry INGBERG, General Secretary of the French Community of Belgium
      • In the French Community of Belgium
      • Government :
      • Minister-President in charge of International Relations - HASQUIN
      • Minister of Culture - DEMOTTE
      • Minister for Audio-visual Matters and Letters - MILLER
      • Administration:
        • General Department of Culture
        • General Department of Audio-visual Matters and Multimedia
        • General Commissariat for International Relations
        • Directorate of International Relations
      • Permanent Representation at the European Union.
      • Federal:
        • Federal Departments of Scientific, Technical and Cultural Matters
    2. Communication to the German-speaking Community (meeting on 26 April 2002 where the three Communities (Flemish, French and German-speaking) established the bases for a co-operation.
    3. Diffusion of a booklet: «Culture and Knowledge Society» with the NRG, Terms of Reference, Minerva et Quality Framework sent to all cultural operators in the French Community of Belgium.
    4. On Internet online: the content of that booklet and asking for reactions.
    5. Information meeting on 14 January 2002 on European programmes and projects, organized by the Ministry of the French Community of Belgium. Target public : private archive centres, museums, libraries. .
    6. Formal and informal contacts with the Scientific and technical department of the Federal State.
    7. Information in the company´s magazine : 6.000 copies.
    8. Coming activities : Creation of an Internet site (NRG, Minerva, Quality framework) on cfwb.be. Presentation on 4 June 2002 at the Scientific and technical department of the Federal State. (Service d´Information scientifique et technique de l´Etat fédéral) of the current state of the initiative of the European Union regarding the co-ordination mechanisms of digitisation programmes.
  2. Institutions and people involved
    • Close contacts have been established as well within the French Community of Belgium (General Directorate of Culture, General Department for Audio-visual Matters) as with the Ministers of the French Community of Belgium in charge of these matters, as with the Permanent Representation at the European Union.
    • Also contacts have been set up with the Federal level and the other Communities. The General Directorate of Culture, through a question list on the level of computerisation and digitalisation has established contacts with the museums, the archive departments and libraries in the French Community of Belgium. Close contacts have been materialised with the CAC and the highest Representative of the French Community of Belgium, Henry Ingberg, has been given the word several times during various meetings of the CAC about the draft resolution of the Council on the long-term preservation of digital memory.
    • The Minister in charge of the Audio-visual Sector, who has been contacted about this matter, has set these dimensions and perspectives on the agenda of the activities of the Conseil supérieur de l´Audiovisuel revolving around the archiving of the audio-visual heritage and the development of the mediathèque(media library) in the French Community of Belgium.
  3. Setting up a national net
    • The lecture of points 1 and 2 discloses the collaboration set up with all levels of power of the Federal State as well as with the internal departments of the French Community.
    • As a consequence of the document the National Archives presented in CAC, we felt the need to exchange the know-how of the federal archive department with the other archive departments in the country. Together with the Flemish Community, we took the initiative to organise a meeting of the most important archive departments of Flanders and Wallonia and the German Speaking part of Belgium with the Federal archive departments to start a dialogue on exchanging information about the digitisation of the cultural heritage. The meeting took place on 12 April.
  4. Problems and suggestions
    • Only the architecture and the main objectives have been delimited and can be communicated. More specific contacts will occur in function of approached themes, the evolution of the work with various public cultural institutions.
  5. Priority for the future strategies for the NRG
    • Setting up an interest declaration on the Quality framework.


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