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The cluster

The ambitious long-term vision of MINERVA, in terms of coordination and solving the fragmentation currently wasting national efforts in the field of digitisation, is to promote the adoption and implementation of a common action plan (the Lund Action Plan) by other projects and initiatives under the coordination of the European Commission and the Presidency in turn.

This aim was initially pursued by the MINERVA and EMII-CDF projects from October 2003, when they released the joint position paper bearing entitled Encouraging IST research on European digital cultural content. The aim of the document is to define a common strategic action line to ensure the transfer of new technologies to memory organisations.

In particular, the following shared activities are ongoing with:

  • DELOS on digital libraries
  • BRICKS on IPR issues and semantic Web
  • PRESTO SPACE on audiovisual inventories
  • EPOCH on the publication of a joint report on digitisation activites across Europe
  • CALIMERA on good practices collection and definition of technical guidelines.


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Maria Teresa Natale, Andrea Tempera

Moscow 27 November 2004

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