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Future perspectives: new categories and the data collection campaign

MINERVA has started a new campaign for the collection of good practices in digitisation and information on competence centres, in order to update the MINERVA Knowledge Base.

Each case can be nominated in one or more of the ten categories stated in the handbook:

  1. Digitisation Project Planning (the goal of the project, human resources, research, risks)
  2. Selecting Source Material for Digitisation (establish selection, criteria, selection against the criteria)
  3. Preparation for Digitisation (hardware; software; environment)
  4. Handling of Originals (moving and manipulating original material)
  5. The Digitisation Process (using scanners; using digital cameras; software applications for optical character recognition - OCR)
  6. Preservation of Digital Master Material (file formats; media choices; migration strategies)
  7. Meta-Data (the scope of meta-data used for object description; appropriate meta-data standards)
  8. Publication (image processing; 3d and virtual reality issues; online publication)
  9. IPR and Copyright (establishing copyright; safeguarding copyright)
  10. Managing Digitisation projects (digitisation process management; team development; staff training; working with third parties for technical assistance; working with third parties in cooperative projects and content sharing; costs)

Before publication in the MINERVA Knowledge Base, the forms submitted are validated by the competent National Representative for digitisation for approval.

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Maria Teresa Natale, Andrea Tempera

Moscow 27 November 2004

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