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Technical guidelines for digital cultural content creation programmes

The MINERVA project has completed Technical guidelines for digital cultural content creation programmes. These guidelines are based upon a range of existing developments and research, particularly the UK’s NOF (New Opportunities Fund)-digitise Programme, and were developed in conjunction with the PULMAN, EMII-DCF and ERPANET projects. The Guidelines have been developed as a resource for policy-makers and managers of funding programmes, encouraging the development of interoperable content, and aiming to promote approaches that support long-term preservation of digital materials.

The Guidelines have been presented to the MINERVA partners, and are based on an approach that has already been adopted in countries such as Canada and Taiwan. In Europe, the Guidelines have been adopted in Greece and the Netherlands, will be soon adopted in Ireland, have been translated for adoption in France and Italy, and are about to be in Israel.

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Maria Teresa Natale, Andrea Tempera

Moscow 27 November 2004

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