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The proposal of MICHAEL (Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe), approved in the framework of the eTen programme, was born on the basis of the joint efforts of Italy, France and United Kingdom on interoperability and inventories carried out for MINERVA; it can be considered a MINERVA spin off.

The project will define a common approach and a model of digital cultural heritage services that will be applied across the participating nations.

The MICHAEL project focuses on the integration and alignment of many national initiatives in the digital cultural heritage sector. The project will deliver interoperability of national cultural portal initiatives and a high-quality end-user service, which will facilitate the exploitation of European cultural content resources.

The project will establish an international online service, which will allow its users to search, browse and examine multiple national cultural portals from a single point of access. This online service will be actively supported and endorsed by the national governments and agencies responsible for cultural heritage. Based on standards and open-source technologies, built upon an existing platform, flexible and extensible in terms of adding additional nations to the scope of the resource, it implements the newly-agreed pan-European standards and guidelines for digital cultural heritage initiatives, as approved by the NRG.

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Maria Teresa Natale, Andrea Tempera

Moscow 27 November 2004

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