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Interoperability and service provision centres Working group

Technical Guidelines
for Digital Cultural Content Creation Programmes
Version 1.0: Revised 08 April 2004

This document has been developed on behalf of the Minerva Project by UKOLN, University of Bath, in association with MLA The Council for Museums, Libraries & Archives

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9. Re-use and re-purposing

Users will want to repackage and re-purpose material that has been developed by digitisation projects. In order to facilitate this re-use the implementation of standards will be important.


9.1 Learning resource creation

Projects should consider the potential re-use of the resources they create, and recognise that end users or third parties may wish to extract elements of a given resource and repackage them with parts of other resources from their own collections and from other sources.
An important area in which this is likely to happen is the educational sector. In the global educational community, a number of initiatives are underway to create tools for managing educational resources. Some of this effort is concentrating upon the description of content such as that created by digitisation programmes.
Projects that develop learning resources must demonstrate aware­ness of the IEEE Learning Object Metadata (LOM) standard and should consider providing LOM descriptions of their learning resources (See 8).
Project should track the work of the IMS consortium in developing specifications to support interoperability amongst learning technol­ogy systems. Projects that develop learning resources should consid­er the use of IMS Content Packaging to facilitate access to those resources by users of Virtual Learning Environment systems.

IEEE Learning Object Metadata
Available 2005-02-15

IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc.
Available 2005-02-15

IMS Content Packaging.
Available 2005-02-15



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