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Interoperability and service provision centres Working group

Technical Guidelines
for Digital Cultural Content Creation Programmes
Version 1.0: Revised 08 April 2004

This document has been developed on behalf of the Minerva Project by UKOLN, University of Bath, in association with MLA The Council for Museums, Libraries & Archives

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3. Handling of originals

3.1 Appropriate movement and manipulation of original material

Preservation concerns apply both to the information object being digi­tised and to the surrogate digital object when it has been created. Those responsible for the project must weigh-up the risks of exposing original material to any digitisation process, especially where the items are unique, valuable or fragile, and must discuss the process with those responsible for the care of the originals.

Joint NPO and RLG Preservation Conference Guidelines for Digital Imaging 28 - 30 September 1998
Available 2005-02-15

3.2 Staff training

Projects must ensure that all staff receive proper training in the use of digitisation hardware and software and in the appropriate handling of physical materials. This ensures that the process is efficient and that any risk to the originals is minimised.

TASI: Advice: Creating Digital Images
Available 2005-02-15



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