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Interoperability and service provision centres Working group

Technical Guidelines
for Digital Cultural Content Creation Programmes
Version 1.0: Revised 08 April 2004

This document has been developed on behalf of the Minerva Project by UKOLN, University of Bath, in association with MLA The Council for Museums, Libraries & Archives

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4. The digitisation process

Digitisation is the conversion of analogue materials into a digital for­mat for use by software, and decisions made at the time of digitisation have a fundamental impact on the manageability, accessibility and via­bility of the resources created.
It is difficult to specify fully standards for initial data capture, as require­ments change over time and different resource types may have quite different requirements. However, projects must demonstrate that they have considered the implications of the following three issues:

  • the selection of materials for digitisation,
  • the physical preparation of materials for digitisation,
  • the digitisationprocess.

The JISC Image Digitisation Initiative (JIDI), the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) and the Technical Advisory Service for Images (TASI) all provide further guidance on this topic.
A variety of guidance regarding digitisation is also available in various publications. An important recent text is Anne R. Kenney and Oya Y. Rieger’s, Moving Theory into Practice: digital imaging for libraries and archives (Research Libraries Group, 2000).
Of importance also are the RLG/NPO conference papers collected together in Guidelines for Digital Imaging (National Preservation Office, 1998). In addition, the Digital Library Federation, the Council on Library and Information Resources and the Research Libraries Group have recently published some useful Guides to Quality in Visual Resource Imaging.

Available 2005-02-15

AHDS: Guides to Good Practice in the Creation and Use of Digital Resources
Available 2005-02-15

Available 2005-02-15

A Feasibility Study for the JISC Image Digitisation Initiative (JIDI)
Available 2005-02-15

Joint NPO and RLG Preservation Conference Guidelines for Digital Imaging 28 - 30 September 1998
Available 2005-02-15

Guides to Quality in Visual Resource Imaging:
Available 2005-02-15



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