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Handbook for quality in cultural Web sites
Improving quality for citizens

Appendix 1 - Cross References with others Minerva Working Groups


This Appendix aims to summarise the results of the work group on the quality of cultural Web Sites and place it in context with the other working groups within the MINERVA project. In this way synergies between the groups are clearly visible. It emerges clearly that the topics covered in the manual are discussed in detail in the work and results of the other groups and more profound analysis can be attained by consultation of these works.



Aims of the group: Benchmarking was chosen as a suitable instrument for making information on the activities of the various member states, compatible. In this way it is possible to exchange experiences and good practices and to develop performance indicators.

Results: The first phase of the work has been concluded, the results and data collected and a database has been defined. This database will be included in the general MINERVA database and will be accessible on-line.

Material produced: To date, the work undertaken and the results obtained by the working group, have been reported in two documents.(Nov. 2002 and Aug.2003)


Inventories, discovery of digitised content, multilingualism issues

Aims of the group: To realise inventories of digital resources and render existing digital inventories visible.

Results: A table was created for effecting a census of digital resources. This table was implemented in a database.

Material produced: A report was produced in March 2003.



Aims of the group: to build a common European platform for creating integrated access to digital resources.

Results: A draft for the definition of technical standards has been produced.

Material produced: A report was produced in April 2003.


Identification of good practises and competence centres

Aims of the group: To promote competence and professional standards and render them more visible in the sector of European digitalisation.

Results: During the workshop in Alicante (May 03), 42 good practices were compiled by the national representatives. Centres of competence were subsequently identified and guide lines established.

Material produced: The group produced a report on the current state of the work (Nov. 02) and the manual of good practices (June 03). The latter presents a collection of existing guide-lines organised according to the sections of the manual. The sections, in turn, reflect the phases in the process of digitalisation,



Aims of the group: Analysis of the problems in the field and proposals for recommendations at the European level.

Results: Analysis of the current situation and a draft of the document of proposals for the Italian model.




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