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Handbook on cultural web user interaction
First edition (September 2008)
edited by MINERVA EC Working Group “Quality, Accessibility and Usability”

3.2      Websites and portals feedback form

On the basis of what was explained in chapter 2.6, and bearing in mind similar material that is already available on the web, this manual proposes a standardised interview model to be distributed to users of websites and cultural portals. It can be used as a starting point for the construction of a personalized questionnaire that reflects the requirements of one’s own web application.

The questionnaire model is divided into various inherent sections: 1. data protection;  2. personal details; 3. visit;  4. reasons for the visit; 5. technical and graphic aspects;  6. identification of the web application;  7. quality of the content and search functionality.

In addition, there is a section in the final part dedicated to the possible granting to the user of discounts, prizes and gadgets as a way of thanking him/her for having devoted time to filling out the questionnaire. Finally a set of links is provided, which shows the sources from which this model of questionnaire is taken.

The entries with an asterisk (*) cannot be used in questionnaires regarding portals.

The entries with two asterisks (**) are particularly suitable for portals.

The term “personalisable” means that the question can be adapted to the specific requirements of a particular site.

The term INSTITUTION NAME refers to the institution that presents the questionnaire.

The term SITE/PORTAL NAME refers to the main name of the web application (site, portal, database, web service, etc.) that is subject of the questionnaire.

The term LIST indicates that a list of elements may be added.

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