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Handbook on cultural web user interaction
First edition (September 2008)
edited by MINERVA EC Working Group "Quality, Accessibility and Usability"

1. Users and cultural contents on the web: state of the art

1.1 Users and services in cultural web applications: websites and portals
1.1.1 Libraries  Digital libraries 
1.1.2 Museums
1.1.3 Archives
1.1.4 Temporary events
1.1.5 Research and education services
1.1.6 Cultural portals
1.1.7 Cultural tourism portals
1.1.8 Annex - Good practices British Library New York Public Library Gallica Project Gutenberg Louvre Hermitage Virtual Academy – Virtual Academy Every object tells a story National Archives of Australia – Virtual Room Public Records Office – Just for kids Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival Italian research Portal Christ's College Finchley, UK American Memory of the Library of Congress TEL – The European Library Spain.Info

1.2 Current trends in web services: Web 2.0-3.0
1.2.1 Blogs
1.2.2 Wikis
1.2.3 Content in a pod
1.2.4 Micro-content: sharing, bookmarking and social tagging
1.2.5 Social networking sites
1.2.6 MUVEs (Multi User Virtual Environments)
1.2.7 Conclusion
1.2.8 Annex - Good practices MySpace Facebook Linkedin Second House of Sweden in Second Life McMaster University, Ontario Musée du Louvre on Thompson Island The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen's Old Masters - Picture Gallery, Dresden Annual International Museum Day in Second Life

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Quality, accessibility, usability

Best Practices