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Relais Culture Europe, France

Relais Culture Europe is a non profit-making organization created at the initiative of the Department of International Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Relais Culture Europe is the Culture Contact Point in France for the community programme "Culture 2000". It acts as a support structure that provides technical assistance and guidance to potential candidates of the "Culture 2000" programme.

Together with the Mission of Research and Technology of the French ministry of Culture and Communication, Relais Culture Europe assumes the role of national contact point for the theme "protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage" within the key action "the city of tomorrow and cultural heritage" of the EU 5th RTD framework programme.

Beyond its vocation of providing information, orientation and technical guidance on other European community programmes involving the cultural field, Relais Culture Europe offers its expertise to professionals as regards setting up networks for their European initiatives, finding partners or taking whatever measures that may further the development of co-operation and mobility projects in Europe. Relais Culture Europe also provides guidance to all project managers as well as government agencies at the national, local and regional levels involved in pan-European cultural co-operation projects.

Relais Culture Europe is also involved in cooperation projects in Europe, as an expert or as an operator.


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