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May 2012, n.17
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Stockholm: Michael Culture Workshop on Virtual exhibitions 23 May 2012, National Archives

Cultural institutions are increasingly recurring to exhibitions that fall outside the traditional space and time parameters, and are instead staged on IT platforms. Virtual exhibitions are more and more used by museums, holders of cultural funds, as well as artists to diffuse their works. This approach is not new, but the means, technologies and methodology evolve very quickly and allow today the design of new virtual exhibitions. Virtual exhibitions are available at any moment, with contents of a validated and attested quality, allowing new forms of cultural exploration. Thus, they give the opportunity to promote cultural content beyond physical and social boarders. This workshop, organised by the MICHAEL Culture Association in cooperation with the Linked Heritage project, will contribute to the sharing of best practices examples and innovative projects on virtual exhibitions.

For further information and the programme, you can visit the LINKED HERITAGE web site at the following page:

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