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February 2004, n.6
edited by Minerva Editorial Board

We are sending you the sixth issue of the newsletter and we thank you in advance for your attention. Please, send us any suggestions writing to minerva2@beniculturali.it.

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  • MINERVA-list
    MINERVA has created a discussion list on digitisation themes in English language.
    You can subscribe using your e-mail.
    Send a message to mdaemon@amitie.it, leave the subject blank and in the area for the text write the following message:
    SUBSCRIBE minervalist xxx@yyy (to add a name)
    UNSUBSCRIBE minervalist xxx@yyy (to cancel a name)
    After subscription, if you want to send a message to the list, write to minervalist@amitie.it.

  • Campaign for the collection of good practices in digitisation and information on competence centres
    Minerva is starting a new campaign for the collection of good practices in digitisation and information on competence centres in order to update the Minerva Knowledge base.
    As you know, Minerva has just published the Good Practice Handbook
    edited by WP6, where good practices are selected according to ten different categories:
    • Digitisation Project Planning (The Reasons for the project, Human Resources, Research, Risks)
    • Selecting Source Material for Digitisation (Establish Selection Criteria, Selection Against the criteria)
    • Preparation for Digitisation (Hardware; Software; Environment)
    • Handling of Originals (Moving and Manipulating Original Material)
    • The Digitisation Process (Using Scanners; Using Digital Cameras; Software Applications for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Preservation of Digital Master Material (File Formats; Media Choices; Migration Strategies)
    • Meta-Data (The Scope of Meta-Data Used for Object Description; Appropriate Meta-Data Standards)
    • Publication (Image Processing; 3D and Virtual Reality Issues; Online Publication)
    • IPR and Copyright (Establing Copyright; Safeguarding Copyright)
    • Managing Digitisation projects (Digitisation Process management; Team Development; Staff Training; Working with Third Parties for Technical Assistance; Working with Third Parties in Cooperative projects and Content Sharing; Costs)
    We have also updated both nomination forms which are available on line:
    • http://www.minervaeurope.org/structure/workinggroups/goodpract/document/goodpractform040109.rtf
    • http://www.minervaeurope.org/structure/workinggroups/goodpract/document/compecenterform040115.rtf
  • By means of the NRG, we have asked each country to promote this campaign. Interested institutions can send the forms directly to Minerva web site (minerva2@beniculturali.it). Before publication in the Minerva knowledge base, the forms will be submitted to the competent NRG for approval.

    More information about the campaigns:


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