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December 2003, n.5
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We are sending you the fifth issue of the newsletter and we thank you in advance for your attention. Please, send us any suggestions writing to minerva2@beniculturali.it.

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  • Available online the final version of the Charter of Parma, approved by the National Representative Group for digitisation during the European Conference of Minerva, last 19 November.
    It is a strategic document, the contents of which can be summarized in ten points: 1. Intelligent use of the Internet 2. Accessibility 3. Quality 4. Intellectual property and privacy 5. Interoperability and standards 6. Inventories and Multilingualism 7. Benchmarking 8. Relations with European and international institutions 9. Enlargement and co-operation 10. Future perspectives.
    The Italian Presidency, through its National Representative, has presented this collective work to CAC, The Committee for Cultural Affairs of the Council of Ministers of the European Union last 27 October 2003.
    The document has also been presented to the formal Council of Culture Ministers last 24 November 2003.


  • Online also the Cultural Website quality principles, draft presented in the occasion of the European Minerva Conference, Parma, Italy, 20-21 November 2003, produced by the Minerva Quality Working Group WP5 - Identification of user needs, content and quality framework for common access points.
    It is a decalogue for cultural websites developers.


  • The conclusions of the National Representatives Group after their meeting of 19th November are also available on line.


  • Available online some papers presented at the European Conference of Minerva "Quality of Cultural Web Sites", Parma, 20-21 November 2003.



  • Last 10 and 11 December Minerva participated with a delegation of its experts to the "Italy Israel Bi-National Seminar on Digital Access to Scientific and Cultural Heritage", which was held in Jerusalem, Israel.
    The Embassy of Italy in Israel, The Ministry of Cultural Heritage of Italy, The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Italy, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Israel and the Jewish Agency for Israel - eJewish.info initiative, in collaboration with Minerva, has organized the Seminar, which was held in the framework of the "Agreement between Italy and Israel on Industrial, Scientific and Technological Cooperation."
    The purpose of the Seminar was to increase the mutual acquaintance of initiatives being carried out in Italy and in Israel in the area of digitisation of scientific and cultural heritage. There is already much interest among experts from the Museums, Libraries, Archives, eGovernment, research centers and technology providers. The personal contact and acquaintance between experts from both countries is expected to lead to cooperation and to joint initiatives and projects.
    Programme and presentations available at the following URL:

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