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June 2003, n. 1
edited by Minerva Editorial Board

We are sending you the first issue of the newsletter and we thank you in advance for your attention. Please, send us any suggestions writing to minerva2@beniculturali.it.

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  • The first reports on line of the Minerva Benchmarking are available since 13th June.


  • On 20th-21th November in Parma at the Paganini Auditorium the first Minerva European Conference about "Quality of Cultural Web Site: Online Cultural Heritage for Research, Education and Cultural Tourism Communities" will take place. The detailed program is already available on Minerva website.
    On Minerva Website, you will also find the registration form, information about hotels and other.

  • During the European Conference of Parma (20th-21th November 2003) a Poster Session about "Web Quality for Culture" will be organized. If you want to participate, the editing rules are available on Minerva website. The adhesions must be sent within 15th September 2003.


  • Coordinating digitisation in Europe
    Progress report of the National Representatives Group: coordination mechanisms for digitisation policies and programmes 2002.
    European Commission: The Information Society Directorate-General, 2003. 243 p. ISBN 92-894-4863-6

    This publication is available in HTML and PDF formats. It has been published to give visibility to the 'Digitisation Initiative', based on the Lund Principles and to NRG, in order to make easier for National Representatives to get support, resources and infrastructures to implement the Lund Action Plan. Target users of the Report may be at different levels, but mainly we aim to reach policy-makers, decision-makers and managers responsible or involved in the field of new technologies applied to cultural and scientific content, from the digitisation process up to the fruition on Internet.

  • The first draft of a Best Practice Handbook [PDF 263KB], edited by Minerva Working Group on Identification of good practices and competence centres, is available online. It will be formally(/officially) presented in Corfù during the Workshop on digitization of cultural content [PDF 54KB].

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