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November 2010

23 Budapest, Petofi Literary Museum
Michael Culture Workshop: Innovative Public Services for Digital Cultural Heritage
19-20 USA, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
International Symposium "Heritage Recording and Information Management in the Digital Age (SMARTdoc)"
8-13 Limassol, Cyprus
Dedicated to Digital Cultural Heritage and Digital Libraries

September 2010

23 Mikkeli, Finland
With Quality in Mind
Digitisation and Preservation Seminar
22-24 Ankara, Turkey
2nd International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World,
The Impact of Technological Convergence and Social Networks on Information Management
22-24 Ohrid, Macedonia
ICT Innovations 2010
20-21 Bruxelles, Belgium
European Congress on E-Inclusion 2010 ‘Delivering Digital Europe in Public Libraries' (ECEI10)
19-24 Vienna, Austria
7th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES2010)
9-10 Glasgow, Scotland, UK
2nd Workshop during the 14th European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL2010) Making Digital Libraries Interoperable

July 2010

1-2 Jena, Germany
Fourth FLOSS Workshop
Business models, social networks and collaborative knowledge development

June 2010

29 June
2 July
Aarhus, Denmark
LIBER Annual Conference
Re-inventing the Library. The Challenges of the new Information Environment
16-18 Helsinki, Finland
ELPUB 2010: Publishing in the networked world: transforming the nature of communication
14th International Conference on Electronic Publishing
1-4 Den Haag, The Netherlands
Archiving 2010

April 2010

22 Florence, Italy
Florence: ATHENA-STACHEM joint workshop at EVA Florence 2010
19-23 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Digital Futures Academy: from digitization to delivery
13-17 Denver, Colorado, USA
Museums and the Web 2010
The international conference for culture and heritage on-line.

May 2010

24-28 Zadar, Croatia, University of Zadar
Libraies in the digital age (LIDA) 2010

February 2010

23-26 Roma, Italy
11th International ISKO Conference
23-26 New Delhi, India
International Conference on Digital Libraries (ICDL 2010)
Shaping the Information Paradigm
1-5 Sydney, Australia
Digital Futures Academy





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