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Directory of European and national rules on Web Applications (updated version, 21 May 2008)
edited by the Research Staff of the Italian Senate Library



Data protection Act XXVI/2001
Chapter 440
[On how to obtain Internet domains and related problems]

Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act XXXIII/1997
Chapter 399
(Amended by Acts:
XIX of 1998 ; XVIII of 2000 ; VI of 2001 ; XXVII of 2002 ; IX of 2003 ; VII of 2004)

Projects and Policies

The principles of the e-Government programme
[A section of the Government Website describes e-Government strategies]

Ministry for Justice and Local Government - Department of Local Councils - eMalta Commission - Local Councils Association
Local Council Electronic Policy
February 2002
[Enunciates the main Principles of the National Electronic Policy:
“- All Maltese will have the opportunity and the means to participate in the Information Society and the Information Economy irrespective of their financial, social or educational circumstances.
- The Government will actively promote the creation of the Information Society and the Information Economy via the provision of transactional on-line egovernment Services.
- The Government will provide the necessary policy, institutional and regulatory framework that is required for the successful proliferation of electronic commerce.
- Businesses will be encouraged to adopt electronic commerce.
- The achievement of computer literacy by all sectors of the population will be actively pursued.
- The necessary measures will be taken to build up a critical mass of information technology specialists that will be required to sustain the expansion of the information society and economy]


Gazetta tal-Gven ta Malta. The Malta Government Gazette, 1818- .

Web Sources

The President of Malta Official Website



In particular:
Department of Information

Ministry for Justice and Home affairs

In particular:
Liġijiet ta' Malta (Laws of Malta)






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Best Practices