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Directory of European and national rules on Web Applications (updated version, 21 May 2008)
edited by the Research Staff of the Italian Senate Library


Law on electronic communications
No. IX-2135
adopted by Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, 15.04.2008 [English version]

Law on legal protection of personal data
No. I-1374
adopted by Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, 11.06.1996
updated by Law No. IX-1296 adopted by Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, 21.01.2003
as amended on 01.02.2008 by Law No. X-1444 [English version] [English version]

Elektroninio parašo įstatymas
Law on electronic signature
No. VIII – 1822
adopted by - Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, 11.07.2000
as amended on 06.06.2002. by Law No. IX–934

Law on Telecommunications
No. VIII-774
Parliamentary record, 1998, No. 9
Valstybès zinios, n. 56, p. 4584

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Telekomunikacijų įstatymo pakeitimo ĮSTATYMAS
Law amending the Law on telecommunications No. VIII-774 of 09.06.1998
since 01.01.2003 until 04.30.2004; since 05.01.2004 ivalid (new edition by 05.07.2002 No. IX-1053)
Valstybès zinios, 2000, No. 32-892, No. 61-1830

Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania - Board of the Seimas
1997 m. Liepos 16 d. Nr. 427 (Decision No. 427)
Dël Seimo informacijos skelbimo tarptautiniame kompiuteriø tinkle (Internet) pagrindiniø nuostatø

Law on communications
No. I-1109


Valstybès zinios, 1993- .

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