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Directory of European and national rules on Web Applications (updated version, 21 May 2008)
edited by the Research Staff of the Italian Senate Library



Ministry of Justice, Finland
Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector
entered into force on 01.02.2003
[Promotes the use of electronic data transmission; contains provisions on the rights, duties and responsibilities of the authorities and their customers in the context of electronic services and communication; replaces the Act on Electronic Service in the Administration of 30 December 1999. Designed to promote the development of electronic services in the public sector, the 1999 Act had been one of the first eGovernment legislation in the world]

Guidelines and Quality Criteria [1]

[The quality criteria and other recommendations and guidelines for web services have been collected on one website called Laatua verkkoon which is a part of the This portal is managed by the Ministry of Finance]
Laatua verkkoon
(Quality to the Web)

Valtiovarainministeriö (Ministry of Finance)
Kvalitetskriterier för webbtjänster - Ett hjälpmedel för utveckling och bedömning av offentliga webbtjänster
Publications, 7b/2007 (November 2007)
ISSN 1459-3394
ISBN 978-951-804-780-6 (pdf)

Valtiovarainministeriö (Ministry of Finance – Public Management Department)
Quality criteria for public-sector web services, version 1.0.
[The quality criteria are intended to “act as a tool for assessing and developing public web services. For the most part, they are also suitable for assessing corporate and other commercial web services. The purpose of the quality criteria is to:
- act as a tool for constructing, developing and assessing web services,
- improve the quality of web services, particularly from the user’s point of view, increase customer satisfaction and boost the use of web services”]

Related document:
Valtiovarainministeriö (Ministry of Finance)
Verkkopalvelujen laatukriteeristö - Väline julkisten verkkopalvelujen kehittämiseen ja arviointiin
(The quality criteria - a tool for assessing and developing public web services)
Publications, 7a/2007 (November 2007)
ISSN 1459-3394
ISBN 978-951-804-754-7 (nid.)
ISBN 978-951-804-755-4 (pdf)
[Presentation of the quality criteria for web services, which have been drawn up in a quality criteria development project set up by the Ministry of Finance for the term February 1 – December 15, 2007 (see , in Finnish only)]

Julkisen hallinnon tietohallinnon neuvottelukunta, JUHTA
(Advisory Committee on Information Management in Public Administration)
Julkishallinnon www-sivuston suunnittelun ohjeet
(Guidelines for designing websites)
JHS 129 (JUHTA Recommendations for the public administration)


Virallinen lehti, 1917- . Helsinki, 1917-
[Official Journal, published since 1857, with other titles]

Web Sources

Suomen Tasavallan Presidentti (The President of the Republic of Finland) [English version]

Eduskunta (The Parliament of Finland) [English version]

Eduskunnan kirjasto (The Library of Parliament) [English version]

FINLEX - databases of legislative information [English version]

Sisäasianministeriö-Julkisen hallinnon tietohallinnon neuvottelukunta, JUHTA
(Ministry of the Interior-Advisory Committee on Information Management in Public Administration)

JHS-suositukset (JHS-Public Administration Recommendations)

eFinland (e-government and e-business Finland Portal)

e-Commerce Finland – e-Commerce Service Centre of Finland

Laatua verkkoon (Quality to the Web)

[1]Many thanks to Linda Backman, ECPRD Correspondent - Research Officer, Parliament of Finland.






Quality, accessibility, usability

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